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Spruce Grove, Edmonton, and surrounding areas are located within the Canadian Prairie, leading to air that is generally dry. Using a whole home humidification system can help prevent chapped lips and nose bleeds through the long winter. Unlike small tabletop or floor-based humidifiers, whole-home humidifiers require only a weekly cleaning and are kept out of sight, leading to an overall easier and more pleasant living experience. Cross Country Mechanical offers whole-home humidifiers and installation services. Give our team a call today to set up a consultation.

How a Whole Home Humidifier Works

Whole home humidifiers use evaporation technology to humidify the air inside the home. The humidifier will be attached to the furnace’s return air duct, where the existing flow of air from your furnace gets sent through a water panel, turning the water into vapor. The humidified air is then delivered through the air vents while the air is being heated, creating a constant, minimal maintenance, comfortable level of humidity.

Air Humidifiers Services in Edmonton & Spruce Grove, AB

Cross Country Mechanical Whole Home Humidifier Installation

The installation process generally takes one to two hours. Our technician will attach the correctly sized humidifier to your furnace’s return air duct. After it is attached, the only thing you will need to do is give it a cleaning and change the water once a week. Many times, people will install a whole home humidification system at the same time as a new furnace, but it is not a requirement. Whole home humidifiers can be installed at any time, so reach out today if you are in need of increased humidity inside your home.

Residential Humidifier Installation FAQs

Q: How long does humidifier installation take?

A: Humidifier installation typically takes one to two hours, although each job can be different. After one of our technicians comes to your house for an estimate, they will be able to give you a more accurate completion estimate.

Q: Where in my home does the humidifier need to be installed?

A: Generally whole-home humidifiers are most effective when installed directly into the home’s ductwork/circulation system near your furnace.

Q: What are the benefits of a whole home humidifier system?

A: Installing a whole home humidification system comes with two distinct benefits, saving energy and protecting your home. Keeping the humidity consistent will generally allow you to feel more comfortable at lower temperatures, saving you money. In addition, consistent humidity is crucial to ensuring the longevity of wood flooring, furniture, plants, and instruments. Home humidification also reduces static electricity in textiles around your house.

Q: Does Calgary or Edmonton offer tax breaks for installing a whole home humidifier?

A: Unfortunately, neither Calgary nor Edmonton currently offer tax breaks for whole home humidifier installation. However, the benefits of installing the whole home system led many homeowners to install one anyway.

Q: How often should I clean my whole home humidifier?

A: Generally, it should be cleaned once a week, but depending on your specific situation, it may need to be cleaned more or less. For example, if you have pets, you’ll want to clean it more frequently to avoid bacteria build-up.

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