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Cross Country Mechanical LTD provides superior furnace repairs to Spruce Grove, AB. We believe clients who understand how their furnace functions know when to call our specialists, which can save money, time, and major headaches. We’re a locally-owned and -operated company with ties to communities in Spruce Grove, Parkland County, Edmonton, and surrounding areas. We’ve built a sterling reputation since 2013, one customer at a time, and we can’t wait to help you. We’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions and provided answers to help you find your way, which you can read below.

Why Is Furnace Maintenance Important?

There are things you should be doing at home to manage your residential or commercial system and ensure it runs efficiently and exceeds the warranty period. For instance, get in the habit of changing the furnace’s filters. Dirty filters force the furnace to run harder to produce the same heat as it would with a clean filter. Your manufacturer’s owner’s manual explains which filter to buy and how to change it.

What Kind of Tasks Should I Do to Prepare for Winter?

Because winters in Alberta are so cold, it’s essential to make sure the heating system is prepared to take on the challenges. Preventative maintenance is the way to go. That’s where Cross Country Mechanical LTD comes in. We have an easy-to-use online form to schedule an appointment. During a pre-winter maintenance check, we’ll get your furnace ready for winter by checking various aspects of your heating system, including:

Air filters: Our team replaces any air filter caked with dust, dirt, or other obstructions. We also advise our customers to invest in an upgraded HEPA, electrostatic, or pleated filter. The extra investment makes a huge difference.

Vents and ducts: Clean ducts and vents are as important as a pristine air filter. We use an extension hose to remove debris, dust, and dander from the ducts and vents. We’ll also open all vents and advise you to move furniture that blocks crucial vents.

Exhaust flues: This feature is located outside the building. The exhaust flue is a critical component of your furnace. Birds’ nests, branches, and debris must be cleared from around them to ensure smooth operation.

The furnace: Debris around your furnace presents a fire hazard, so part of our preventative maintenance process includes clearing debris from around it.

How Do I Know My Furnace Requires Repairs?

Fortunately, furnace problems aren’t difficult to recognize. Commercial and residential property owners can keep an eye out for:

Unusual sounds and smells: Your furnace will never be completely silent, but you shouldn’t experience loud creaking or rattling noises. It shouldn’t bang, clang, or clatter, and unpleasant odors aren’t normal either. Call us if you’re experiencing these problems.

An aging furnace: The older a furnace gets, the more frequent the repairs. We’ll cover how to know whether to repair or replace an old furnace below.

A broken thermostat: Are you cold despite the thermostat reading 75 degrees? Does your system shut off randomly? These are the telltale signs it’s time to call our HVAC specialists.

Yellow flame: The flame in your furnace should be a bright blue. It should look clean and pure. Yellow means there’s dirt in the burner, and it indicates it’s time to give our experts a call.

What’s Better? Repairs or Replacement?

Repair costs are often cheaper than the price of a new furnace. However, that isn’t always the case. As your furnace ages, repairs grow more expensive. We can help walk you through the decision. One key factor involves some simple math. If the repair costs exceed 50 percent of the replacement cost, then it’s better to replace the system. If you need to replace your furnace, you can rest easy knowing we sell high-quality furnaces.

Why is My Furnace Making a Loud Noise?

The cause of the noise depends on the type of sound:

Boom: Usually, a buildup of gas and a delayed ignition causes booming noises. This issue is grave, and you should contact us immediately.

Clang: Pipes tend to contract in extreme cold. So, sometimes clanging sounds are pipe-related. We can tell you whether that’s the case.

Rattle: Rattling means a part is loose, and sometimes it’s something you can fix on your own. If you find a loose plate or screw and you believe you can repair it, turn off the furnace first.

Rumble: Dirty burners are often the cause of rumbling noises. Don’t try to fix it at home; this is a repair meant for professionally trained technicians. Contact Cross Country Mechanical LTD today.

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