HVAC Finance Programs in Spruce Grove & Edmonton, AB

Flexible HVAC Finance Options

Before the dawn of our cold Canadian winter, discover how you can achieve the comprehensive HVAC system you need with Cross Country Mechanical. As Spruce Grove and Edmonton, AB’s leading HVAC provider, we offer flexible HVAC finance options through FinanceIt. Don’t compromise on quality; achieve your best HVAC without hassle.

Financeit By Cross Country Mechanical

Your Path to Comfort

Your path to home comfort has never been more convenient. Whether you’re looking for a complete HVAC overhaul or to replace an existing system, look to our team at Cross Country Mechanical. With our backing and the power of FinanceIt, you can alleviate the financial burden of these advanced, non-negotiable systems and promote total comfort.

Discover FinanceIt

FinanceIt is one of Canada’s premier finance providers. With a full range of in-house underwriting capabilities, they offer HVAC finance programs for prime to sub-prime credit applicants. As a privately owned and managed team, FinanceIt has overseen well over one billion in finance transactions over a ten-year period, making them your trusted source for HVAC finance solutions.

Your HVAC Finance Partner

FinanceIt is able to make credit decisions, fund, and administer all of its business workings in-house. Rely on FinanceIt’s experienced, qualified, and credible team to make prompt and sensible decisions relating to everything from credit decisions and approval structure to document contract management and asset disposal.

Financing Option for HVAC Systems in Edmonton & Spruce Grove

Why Opt for FinanceIt?

There’s no need to put off a more energy-efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable home HVAC system. With FinanceIt, you can start saving money now while gaining exclusive access to the following benefits of financing:

  • Up to 100% financing
  • No down-payment necessary
  • Variety of financing options
  • Open-loan options
  • Up to 10-year payment periods
  • Personal and confidential deductions from your account

HVAC Finance Programs

FinanceIt and Cross Country Mechanical understand that each homeowner has unique budget restraints and financial needs. As such, our HVAC finance programs are flexible and tailored to your needs. Experience low monthly payment plans, deferred payments when needed, open loan options, and the most competitive interest rates in the country.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing FinanceIt?

When you choose FinanceIt, you don’t have to compromise on home comfort or your finances. Some of the benefits of our HVAC finance program include:

  • Prompt and efficient approval times
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Convenient and accessible
  • No hidden fees
  • Total home comfort

How Does the FinanceIt Process Work?

HVAC finance programs with FinanceIt are prompt and efficient. You can begin your application by filling out the form provided through Cross Country Mechanical and following the instructed guidelines. Next, you will be contacted with approval and may begin browsing the best financing plan for your budget and preferences.

What Documents Are Required to Apply?

We make the process simple. You can log into your online banking provider to begin setting up your FinanceIt loan. While we don’t require any documentation, we do ask that you have a government-issued photo identification handy and a void personal cheque to arrange your automated payments.

Can I Pay Off My Financing Early?

FinanceIt accommodates all customers. As such, they offer convenient open loan options. These loans give you the opportunity to pay your loan off early with no additional charge or penalty.

What Will My Interest Rate Be?

Interest rates vary depending on your credit, loan size, and the product you are financing. Interest rates typically range from 8.99% to 14.99%, making them comparable to most major credit cards. In addition, FinanceIt never charges backdated interest fees.

Reach Out to Get Started With Our HVAC Finance Program

Don’t wait until you’re left with a faulty HVAC system; look to Cross Country Mechanical and our trusted finance partner, FinanceIt, for competitive and efficient HVAC finance programs. Apply now to get your fast approval. For questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to learn more.

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