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Cor home automation System

Cross Country Mechanical provides cor home automation System in Spruce Grove

At Cross Country Mechanical, we’re here to make your life easier. We can install a Côr™ home automation system at your Spruce Grove or Edmonton, AB home that gives you the power to monitor and control your home environment no matter where you are. With a system like this, you can know everything that happens at your home. It’s excellent at alerting you of emergencies, whether the basement is flooding or there’s carbon monoxide present. Côr™ home automation provides a single portal to manage everything from your home comfort system and light fixtures to appliances and locks. You can even monitor children when you’re away from home. This system is perfect for vacation properties, primary residences, or commercial properties. With a Côr™ home automation system, your property will be smarter, more connected, and more secure.

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 Take Control of Your Home with Côr™ Home Automation

Cross Country Mechanical provides many products that help you improve the comfort and functionality of your home. Perhaps one of the best of these products is the Côr™ home automation starter kit. This system will allow you to take full control of your home, managing everything remotely. This means you can check in on your property wherever you are, whether you’re at work for the day or across the country on vacation. The Côr™ home automation system allows you to:

  • Monitor your home’s security
  • Adjust lighting, heating, cooling, and other systems
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely
  • Maximize savings by managing energy use
  • Receive notifications when a malfunction occurs

What the Starter Kit Includes

The Côr™ home automation starter kit includes everything you need to begin your journey to full home automation. It includes the Côr™ thermostat as well as automation supplies for light fixtures and other components of your home. While the starter kit is enough to improve the automation of your home, we offer plenty of other options to take it even further. There is a full line of Côr™ accessories and add-ons to choose from, ensuring versatility to meet your needs. Let our team help you improve your home with the addition of an automation system. One of the many services we offer includes the installation and setup of these systems.

Benefits of Côr™ Home Automation

Automating your home with the Côr™ home automation system provides many benefits. Perhaps one of the most noticeable is the efficiency of your home. Because you’ll have total control over your HVAC systems, you’ll be able to manage your energy usage more effectively, which improves your efficiency and saves you money. Installing this system will also enhance comfort, as you’ll have easier access to control the temperature and lighting in your home. It also means increased security as you can lock and monitor your home from anywhere in the world. You’ll love having the extra control that an automation system provides. Contact Cross Country Mechanical today to have the smartest home on the block.

Côr™ Home Automation System

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